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Get to know the team that has dedicated their lives to taking the absolute best care of your pet.

Glorymar Molina Colon, DVM, CVA

Medical Director

Dr Glorymar Molina prioritizes client and patient comfort. She is passionate about caring for pets and their people and treats each patient as her own.

Clients appreciate that Dr Molina takes time to explain each pet’s health in simple terms. She creates a collaborative environment by educating and empowering clients. She completed her acupuncture certification at Chi University. Her areas of interest include dentistry and working with geriatric patients.

Dr Molina builds lasting relationships with clients and patients using empathy, patience, and teamwork. She uses Fear Free techniques and creates a plan for anxious pets.

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Dr Molina is a fluent Spanish speaker. She attended New Mexico State University for her undergraduate degree in Animal Science and veterinary school at St Matthew’s University. 

Dr Molina loves spending time outdoors hiking, gardening, and exercising. She and her husband have two dogs: Parker, a miniature pinscher and Bella Rose, a dapple miniature dachshund.

Adan Davila

Hospital Manager

Adan believes in the future of Firehouse and how he and his team can continue to make client experiences better. His daily goal is to help more patients and clients than the day before. He strives for his team to continue to provide top-notch care. A fan of collaboration, he understands the importance of working with his team. Adan joined Firehouse in 2016 as a veterinary technician at the Kyle location. He has a special interest in client and patient relationships, team leadership, and hospital operations.

Adan is Fear Free certified and helps teach techniques to his team. He continues to improve his leadership skills by listening to podcasts and reading coaching books. Adan studied Veterinary Technology at Austin Community College. He has also presented information to students at Texas A&M Veterinary school.

When not working, Adan enjoys spending time with his family. He married his high school sweetheart, and they have two children. He loves college football and NBA basketball, especially the Aggies and Spurs. He also has a passion for American Quarter Horses that he owns, breeds, and trains in different disciplines.

Roslyn Reavis, DVM


Dr Roslyn Reavis’ focus is on helping pets live happy and healthy lives. She knows pets can suffer in silence and aims to catch issues early. She loves all pets and has a special spot in her heart for cats.

Dr Reavis makes clients’ lives easier. She uses thorough communication, follow-up care, and pays attention to details. She is trained in Fear Free techniques to calm stressed or anxious animals. Her calm manner (and lots of treats!) help nervous pets.

Her special interests include dermatology, arthritis, and small exotics/pocket pets. She attends national conferences and local seminars to stay current with new therapies to offer patients the best care.

She graduated Cum Laude with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from St. Georges University in Grenada. She was also inducted into the veterinary honor society Phi Zeta. She is a member of the Comal County, Texas, and American Veterinary Medical Associations. On weekends, Dr Reavis volunteers with Prevent A Litter (PALS), kayaks, and enjoys a nine-pin bowling league. She has one dog and a cat: Leeloo, a Queensland heeler, and Sam, a domestic shorthair cat.

Staci Hansen, DVM


Dr Staci Hansen aims to make veterinary visits easier for her clients and their pets. Clients value Dr Hansen’s focus on communication during and after appointments.

Her clients also appreciate her help when developing a customized care plan. Dr Hansen offers families comprehensive, yet realistic, plans to suit each family’s lifestyle. As a working mom, Dr Hansen knows how busy life can get!

She is a member of the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) and the Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians (AEMV). She is trained in Fear Free techniques to calm nervous cats and dogs. Dr Hansen stays current on her veterinary skills and knowledge by attending conferences and continuing education seminars.

Dr Hansen received her degree from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. On weekends, she volunteers at Austin Wildlife Rescue and with Girl Scouts of Central Texas. Her favorite hobbies include traveling, baking, and geocaching. Dr Hansen and her husband share their home with their sweet son, three spoiled dogs, two lovable cats, and four adorable guinea pigs.

Emily McCann, DVM


Dr Emily McCann revolves her pet care around clear communication with clients. She pairs this with preventive medicine so cats and dogs can live long and healthy lives.

Clients love Dr McCann’s easy-going, thoughtful, and warm personality. Pets love how she works slowly during check-ups, as she learns each pet’s personality. Dr McCann is a big fan of Fear Free techniques for pets, since her dog is timid at the vet. She uses calm touch, lots of treats, and pheromones for cats to help relieve stress in nervous pets.

Dr McCann has a special interest in soft tissue surgery and ophthalmology. She reads the latest medical research and literature to stay current on medical issues and to brush up on the latest techniques.

She is a Texas A&M graduate through and through. She earned her bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from A&M. When not treating her patients at Firehouse, Dr McCann enjoys the outdoors with hikes and paddle boarding. She also loves to bake (especially cakes!) in her downtime. She has a border collie named Rhett who keeps her on her toes!

Lara Wilson, DVM


Dr Lara Wilson is an empathetic doctor who supports each patient and their humans. Her goal is a long, happy, and healthy life for your pet. She collaborates with clients to determine a healthcare plan to achieve that goal.

Clients appreciate her ability to explain complex medical issues. They also love her humor and positive attitude.

Dr Wilson is a fan of supplements and probiotics, routine lab work, and dental care. While she is passionate about all pets, she has a great love of cats and Chihuahuas!

To stay current on medical techniques, Dr Wilson attends many continuing education events. She stays active in the global online veterinary community. She also spends time working in the emergency critical care field.

Dr Wilson earned her pre-vet and DVM degrees from Louisiana State University. She enjoys going antiquing in small Texas towns, cooking, baking, and considers herself an amateur gardener. Dr Wilson has two rescue pets: Frannie, a Chiweenie, and Crouton, a domestic shorthair orange tabby cat. She also has a hermit crab named Beetlejuice.

Brent Rains, DVM


Dr Brent Rains is an efficient problem-solver who loves to help make clients’ lives easier. This includes educating clients on treatments; he teaches the clients the why behind a treatment plan, provides resources for them to review, and answers their questions. He wants clients to feel involved with the entire process when their pet comes to the hospital. Clients love that Dr Rains gets to know them and their pets.

A Fear Free certified doctor, Dr Rains goes above and beyond to ensure pets are comfortable during their visit. He takes his time and offers delicious treats. Dr Rains has a lot of experience with dentistry and internal medicine. He has also spent time working with Pug Rescue of Austin.

Dr Rains received both his undergraduate and his DVM from Texas A&M University. Since graduating, he continues to attend veterinary medicine seminars and research changes in the field. A lifelong learner, Dr Rains enjoys improving his care through research and practice.

When not working, he loves swimming, watching Sci-Fi movies, and hanging out with his family. He has three cats, who are his daughter’s best friends: Skrubz, Bumblebee, and Kiwi.

Claudia Wrampelmeier, DVM


Dr Claudia Wrampelmeier (she/her) loves bonding with clients over their shared love of their pets. Clients appreciate her straightforwardness and honesty. Dr Wrampelmeier respects each animal’s space and needs and wants pets to feel comfortable and supported during their visit, so she lets them set the pace. She is Fear Free certified.

Her veterinary passions include preventative dental care, behavior, and senior pet care. She is passionate about helping a pet’s senior years be comfortable and happy for both the pet and the owner.

Dr Wrampelmeier received a Bachelor of Science in Evolutionary Anthropology from Duke University. She completed her DVM at Texas A&M University. She competed on Duke’s fencing team, which helped her understand the value of teamwork and collaboration.

In her free time, she enjoys reading, running, cooking, and trying new food in the area. Her pets include her dog soulmate, a senior Pomeranian named Taz; a greyhound named Alfred, and a cat named Leezy.

Mikayla Hernandez

Veterinary Technician

Mikayla utilizes Fear Free techniques and comforts scared pets to make them feel more comfortable. Mikayla takes her time with all patients, offering treats, quiet time, and breaks to help pets have an easy, calm experience. Clients appreciate Mikayla’s collaborative approach and how she takes time to explain treatment plans and answer all of her clients’ questions.

Mikayla advocates for each patient and enjoys teaching clients about the importance of lab work and prevention (especially heartworm prevention). She loves to continually learn, so she shadows her peers and asks questions to help her better understand new processes and treatments. Currently, she attends Austin Community College, where she is working toward a degree in Applied Science for Vet Technology. While she loves all animals, she is partial to Chihuahuas (and is especially patient for those who are nervous or scared) and horses. When not working, Mikayla likes to try out new restaurants and spend time with her dogs: Nala (Chihuahua), Mamas (Pit Bull), and Lily (Pit Bull).

Jamie Deleon

Veterinary Technician

Jamie brings her strong work ethic and unconditional love for pets to work each day. She helps Firehouse clients get the best medical care for their pets by asking lots of questions, offering tips on home healthcare and lots of continuing education at her favorite annual conference, the American Pets Alive! conference.

Jamie helps pets feel at ease when they visit Firehouse since she’s experienced in handling even the most irritable pets. She is passionate about Firehouse’s commitment to philanthropy and helping shelter animals since she worked at a no-kill shelter to save as many lives as possible in Texas. Outside of work, Jamie spends time with Kylo, her 4-year-old domestic shorthair tabby cat and Gunnar, her 3-year-old black and white pointer collie mix.

Kelli Elliot

Licensed Veterinary Technician

Kelli is a compassionate advocate for her patients. She goes above and beyond to ensure each pet receives the best possible care. Clients appreciate Kelli’s sunny disposition, knowledge, and desire to treat each patient as her own pet. Along with using Fear Free techniques, Kelli also has a patient approach and offers lots of treats. She takes time to answer client questions and teach them about Firehouse’s core values.
Kelli attended Austin Community College’s Vet Tech program and will soon be a licensed veterinary technician. She enjoys learning from her peers and also teaching them. She is skilled at drawing blood, placing catheters, and Fear Free handling techniques. Her interests include physical therapy and pet dentistry. She is also able to get the best pictures of Firehouse’s patients.

A dog-lover, Kelli connects with all patients but has a soft spot for Pit Bulls. She also loves working with cats and rats. Outside of work, she enjoys binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy and going to the river. Her family includes her daughter Rayen, her two dogs, Jetty (a blue-nosed Pit Bull), and Lucy, (a white German Shepherd), and her dog-like cat, Brisket.

ReeAnn Reyna

Veterinary Technician

ReeAnn’s motivation to assist every patient’s needs comes from the connections she makes with clients and a desire to ensure that every pet feels safe and comfortable. She utilizes Fear Free techniques and adjusts her techniques based on patients’ body language and individual needs. Her strong work ethic and dedication makes her an intricate part of the Firehouse team. Clients appreciate her welcoming demeanor and thorough approach to patient care.

ReeAnn recently received her Bachelor’s in Animal Science with a concentration in pre-vet from Texas State University. She plans to follow her passion for animal health and safety by attending vet school. As a technician assistant, she hopes to learn more about animal welfare and facilitate the needs of patients at Firehouse while continuing to grow within the veterinary field.

When not working, ReeAnn enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking with her Poodle mix Remi and her rescue dog Molly. She has a passion for nature and exotics pets; she has owned a Ball Python and hopes to own another soon.

Kylee Nemetz

Client Service Coordinator

Bio coming soon!

Grace Fidler

Veterinary Technician

Grace forms lasting relationships with clients and pets by providing individualized care. She takes time to explain medications, treatments, and medical conditions to clients in an easy-to-understand way. Clients appreciate her collaborative approach and how she stives to help find a great solution for their pets’ needs. Grace has been in the veterinary field since 2013.

To keep pets comfortable, Grace adjusts her approach for their unique needs. She greets dogs on their level, then decides the best way to proceed with the appointment based on the pets’ body language and comfort level. For cats, she provides a safe space so they can feel more secure.

Grace received her BS in University Studies in the College of Veterinary Medicine at Texas A&M University. She shares her home with her two dogs: Duke (a terrier/chihuahua mix) and Mayzie (a chihuahua mix), and two cats: Honey and Bear. In her free time, she likes to explore nature with her dogs, play board games, work out, and read.

Carlie Rutherford 

Veterinary Technician

Carlie (she/her) treats each patient who comes into Firehouse as her own pet. She goes above and beyond to make sure that the clients and patients have a positive, stress-free experience. She is always happy to answer questions, walk clients through the appointment process, and provide written appointment notes for clients’ records. Clients love her compassionate and detailed approach and her willingness to help.

Carlie incorporates Fear Free techniques to help pets stay calm and comfortable at their appointments. She matches her pace to the pets’ body language, letting them set the speed for the visit. She wants to make the hospital a welcoming, safe environment for patients and clients. Carlie enjoys learning about and working with exotic pets as well.

Carlie is currently enrolled at Texas State University, studying Animal Science. She enjoys going hiking, floating the river, or reading a good book. Her heart belongs to Lola, her domestic short hair cat.

Elizabeth Lopez Heydt

Veterinary Technician

Elizabeth treats each pet who comes into Firehouse as her own. Clients love that she is informative and transparent. She wants people to feel comfortable with their pets’ care. Elizabeth enjoys teaching clients about animal welfare and ways to keep their pets healthy and happy.

By using a Fear Free approach, Elizabeth is able to handle nervous, scared, or upset patients. Her approach also helps them become more comfortable and confident at future vet visits. She strives to give each patient the best possible care and ensure each client has a positive experience.

Elizabeth enjoys studying about canine behavior and has an interest in obedience training. She studied marine biology before deciding to join the veterinary field. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time outdoors: hiking or taking her dogs to the park, or curled up with a good book. She volunteers with a pug rescue and dedicates her free time to rescue events, as well. An ardent dog-lover, Elizabeth shares her heart with her dogs: Gunner, Lucy, and Kona, as well as her two cats, Sasha and Rita. She recently adopted a blind pug, Violet, and has gained valuable experience with training and treating blind dogs.

Morgan Shannon

Veterinary Technician

Her patient, caring approach helps clients and pets feel comfortable when working with Morgan. Clients appreciate her thorough communication and attention to detail. Morgan loves educating clients on how to keep pets healthy and happy. She wants clients to know that she treats each pet as her own, advocating for their needs and ensuring they receive the best care.

Morgan gets to know each pet who comes into Firehouse, learning their unique needs and personalities. She knows that veterinary visits can be scary, so building trust with patients and clients can help everyone feel more secure. She also uses positive reinforcement, like treats and pets, to help patients associate the vet with a positive place.

Morgan shares her heart with her son and their four dogs: Diesel (Pitbull), Vera (Victorian Bulldog), Maxwell (Miniature Pinscher), and Bevis (a rescue French Bulldog).

Brianna Martinez

Veterinary Technician

Bri (she/her) is a passionate advocate for pets and people. She loves helping animals, collaborating with owners, and working with her team to provide exceptional care. She forms lasting bonds with the patients who come into Firehouse. She can make the most nervous pets feel comfortable by using Fear Free techniques and reading the pet’s body language. Clients appreciate that she is transparent and works with them to find the best option for their pets.

Bri shares her home with her two dogs – Ruthie (a scruffy terrier mix) and Walker (a tennis ball-obsessed lab), and her foster puppy, Betsy. Betsy was surrendered with a broken leg at 5 weeks old, and Brianna helped her heal. When not working, she loves to do anything artistic (you can see her drawings on the whiteboards in the exam rooms!) and spend time with her pets.

Madelyn Ramirez

Veterinary Technician

Bio coming soon!

Victoria Derr

Veterinary Technician

Victoria finds passion in helping pets live happy, healthy lives. She works with clients to create the best plan of action for their pets’ care, using open, honest communication. Victoria understands that clients know their pets best, so she wants them to feel included in their patient’s care while at the hospital.
Victoria is Fear Free Shelter trained. She is adept at reading pets’ body language and adjusting her handling, care, or approach to fit the pet’s needs. Her calming presence and slow and steady approach can help calm even the most nervous pet. Ultimately, she wants the patient to feel comfortable during their visit.

Victoria is currently studying in hopes of attending veterinary school. When not working, she loves to go to the river with her friends and spend time with her two dogs: Gemma (a Chihuahua/Poodle mix) and Penne (a Shepherd mix).

London Morrogh

Veterinary Technician

London works together with clients to find options that best fit their pets’ needs. She takes time to explain treatments, medications, and answer client questions. She enjoys fostering relationships with clients while also helping keep their pets healthy and happy. Her friendly and welcoming demeanor also helps clients and patients feel comfortable.

London is Fear Free certified. She acts as an advocate for her patients to improve their veterinary experience. She believes in allowing animals patience and time to become comfortable. London has experience working with a variety of animals, including birds, reptiles, and rodents. She also has Feline Friendly training, which helps reduce stress for cats.

London earned an associate degree in Zoo Animal Technology from Santa Fe College. She then received her Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Biology from Texas State University. She and her fiancé have a house full of pets, including dogs, chickens, reptiles, and fish. She enjoys hiking with her dogs, Teak and Mochi (Staffordshire mixes), playing video games, reading, and doing jigsaw puzzles.

Kimberly Ramirez

Certified Veterinary Assistant

Kimberly (she/her) makes veterinary visits easy for clients and patients by planning ahead and preparing for the pet’s unique needs. She reviews notes and the patient’s previous history. Clients appreciate Kimberly’s trustworthy demeanor and attention to detail.

To keep pets comfortable, Kimberly pays close attention to their body language so she can adjust her care as needed. She also builds trust with pets by providing treats and getting on their level. She has her Elanco Fundamentals of Animal Science certification, Elanco Veterinary Medical Applications certification, and a Veterinary Assistant certification.

Kimberly shares her home with her four tan chihuahuas: Daisy (a mix), Guera (teacup), Milo, and Bean. For fun, she enjoys spending time with her friends, doing crafts, and spending time outdoors.

Candice Lyons

Client Service Coordinator

Candice’s warm, friendly personality helps clients and patients feel welcome and safe. She is an active listener who not only hears client concerns but finds solutions for their needs. She is adept at reading patients’ body language and adapting her care to help support their needs. She helps out in all areas of the hospital, assisting with appointments when needed to make patient care go smoothly.

Candice joined the Firehouse team in 2015; after a brief break to attend school, she is excited to be back. Hard-working and outgoing, she supports her colleagues and helps teach them new skills. She is the “mama bear” of her Firehouse team. To keep her skills current, Candice enjoys attending online professional development classes.

After graduating from Avenue Five with her esthetician license, Candice opened a spa in Kyle, TX, where she works on the weekends. She has five children who keep her busy. When not working, she likes to travel with her family in the RV, go boating, and spend as much time on the water as possible. She owns two Pit Bulls – Buster and Chief.

Aundreya Martinez

Client Service Coordinator

Aundreya makes clients’ lives easier by building trust with them and their pets. She works with pet parents to ensure that each patient receives the best care. She is driven by her passion for helping animals and the people who love them. Clients love Aundreya’s upbeat energy and positivity.

Aundreya shows each pet love and patience. She wants animals to feel safe and comfortable during their visit. She especially loves working with feline patients.

Aundreya is a student at Hays High School and studies cosmetology. In her free time, she likes to practice her cosmetology skills (especially lashes), listen to music, and go swimming. She has two dogs: Buster (a pit bull mix), and Chief (a pit bull), and Stormii, a rescue cat.

Mariah Gonzales

Client Service Coordinator

Bio coming soon!

Monica Segura

Client Service Coordinator

Monica acts as a bridge between clients and the doctors. She helps clients prepare for their pets’ appointments, answers their questions, and helps alleviate any concerns before or after the appointment. She wants clients to feel comfortable with their pets’ treatment plans. Her favorite thing is being able to get to know clients and their pets.

Monica treats every patient like her own pet. She knows that the hospital can be scary, so she does what she can to make the start of the appointment as seamless and comfortable as possible. Monica loves seeing pets feel better and heal throughout their visits.

Monica attended Angelina College and Austin Community College, where she studied General Studies and Biology. Her goal is to earn her bachelor’s degree in Biology with a teaching certification. She has two rescue cats who are her whole world: Salem and Prismo. Outside of work, Monica loves crafting, photography, art, and knitting. She has her open-water certification and enjoys diving.

Silvana Marchan 

Client Service Coordinator

Silvana (she/her) focuses on building relationships with clients and pets. She understands the range of emotions that can go along with veterinary visits. So, she concentrates on being a comforting presence. She wants clients to feel heard and understood, working with them to ensure the vet addresses their main concerns. Clients also appreciate her transparent approach and how she bonds with the pets who visit Firehouse.

Silvana keeps patients comfortable by reading the pet’s body language and adjusting her approach. She offers love and treats as positive reinforcement. Silvana has experience volunteering at animal shelters before joining Firehouse.

Silvana attended animal science classes at Lamar University and Ashworth College. When not working, she enjoys swimming at the lake or beach, going camping, watching scary movies, and making delicious Mexican food. She has a variety of pets, including chickens, goats, cats (Finn and Buddy, plus barn cats who adopted Silvana), and dogs (Koubi, an akita/pit bull/St. Bernard mix, and Maiko, a Chihuahua mix). Because of her dogs, Silvana has a soft spot for chihuahuas and pit bulls.


Client Service Coordinator

Yolanda connects to clients and pets through a warm, friendly, and patient approach. She takes time to answer client questions and communicate through each step of the veterinary process. Her favorite things about working at Firehouse are getting to know the clients and patients and helping pets live happy, healthy lives. She loves learning new skills and growing in the veterinary field so she can continue to provide the best care.

Yolanda shares her heart with her pit bull, Luci. She enjoys cuddling up on the couch with Luci and watching movies when she’s not working.

Kaelynn Bowers
Kaelynn Bowers 

Veterinary Technician

Kaelynn (she/her) understands that veterinary visits can be stressful and confusing to clients and pets. Her transparent, patient, and detailed approach helps everyone feel comfortable and understood. Her goal is to make clients’ lives easier. She is always ready to answer questions, explain the process, and check for understanding. Her motivation is helping pets, and people have a happier, healthier bond. Kaelynn enjoys being an advocate for animals and improving their well-being.

To keep pets comfortable, Kaelynn uses Fear Free techniques and distractors. She offers treats and a gentle touch to help pets associate the hospital with a positive place. She enjoys taking care of pets’ dental health, including assisting with dental cleanings and radiographs. To keep her skills current, she participates in CE and researches new trends in veterinary medicine.

Kaelynn’s heart belongs to her two dogs: Sadie, a smart but goofy golden retriever who was Kaelynn’s first personal dog, and Zeus, a miniature Australian shepherd who likes to bark at everything. When not working, she loves spending time outdoors, going hiking, painting, or curling up with a good book.

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