Congratulations! We know that this is an exciting time, but also there is a lot to do and adjustments to be made to make sure your pet is happy and healthy. So, what are the immediate next steps?

Dr Ashley Opyt, Medical Director at Firehouse Kyle, says “The first two things you want to think about for a new pet — whether newborn or more mature — are vaccinations and proper nutrition.” Introducing your pet to the veterinarian at a young age will help your kitten or puppy get used to the car and to the vet. Firehouse works hard to help prevent fear, anxiety, and stress in your pet when visiting any of our Hospitals. We use Fear Free techniques to examine your pet at a pace that keeps them comfortable. Treats and lots of positive feedback help create a happy visit, so you can either bring your own or enjoy the variety we have at the Hospital.

Here is a list of what to remember at your first vet visit:

– Vaccinations for young pets as well as updates for older ones
– Choosing the best diet for your pet and understanding appropriate treat servings for the breed of cat or dog
– Getting your pet microchipped
– Lab work and fecal testing to help find and address issues as early as possible

“Beginning to socialize your pet prior to 16 weeks is critical to ensure your pet is well-adjusted with people, other animals, and new environments. This can be challenging because it must be done in a way that does not expose your pet to contagious diseases like Parvovirus. Firehouse can recommend local trainers that we have vetted within the Kyle community to help with this process,” says Dr Opyt.

Contact us by phone or email to set up your pet’s first visit. Curious what others have said about us? Visit our Yelp! page for testimonials. We hope to hear from you soon! Congratulations on your new addition!

Dr Opyt received her 13-year-old Corgi, Sam, as a Valentine’s Day gift from a boyfriend when Sam was just a puppy. While the intentions were sweet, he was gifted without vaccinations, a leash, or a water bowl! Dr Opyt always says Sam won the lottery because he fell into a veterinary student’s hands.
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