While you sit down to Thanksgiving feast in your finest stretchy pants, remember that certain kinds of human food can cause tummy upset, diarrhea, or possible food poisoning in our furry friends.

It’s always best to keep your pets on their regular diet, even during the holidays. Raisins, grapes, and onions can all be dangerous to your pets and fatty foods can be hard to digest and even cause pancreatitis in cats and dogs. If you want to give them a treat, (c’mon, we’re not monsters!) give them a pet treat made just for them and put it in a food puzzle toy. It will keep them occupied while you go back for seconds.

Give a dog a…. bone?? No thank you! Don’t let your pets get into that leftover turkey carcass. The bones can splinter and upset their digestive tract. When disposing of the turkey, make sure it is bagged and put in a secure outside bin or behind a closed door.

Give thanks for your Central Texas surroundings and get some of that pre-party energy out by going for a hike with your pup before dinner (and yes, you can leash train your cat to go outside for safe exercise). It’s a win-win! You will feel less guilty if you overindulge and your pup will be happy and tired, letting you enjoy your celebration with loved ones.

We all love to spoil our furry family members! Just don’t spoil their holiday by letting them in on our feast. Besides, more for you!

Please click on this link to make an appointment if you have questions or concerns about your pet. Or feel free to call us! We’re always happy to help you navigate the holiday season.

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