Do you have trouble remembering to give those monthly heartworm pills to your pet? Firehouse Animal Health Center is now offering ProHeart 6, an injectable heartworm preventative that lasts 6 months. Because ProHeart 6 offers 6 months of prevention, it’s one less thing to worry about every month. How great is that?!

ProHeart 6 is 100% effective when given every 6 months. You can trust that your dog is completely protected with just two shots per year. With over 10 million doses given, ProHeart 6 offers a proven safety record, too!

National statistics suggest people only give heartworm prevention about 30% of the time they intend to. ProHeart 6 offers a simple solution to help facilitate prevention without having to remember a monthly dose. The active ingredient, Moxidectin, has been used in the veterinary world for many years but this unique formulation allows it to deliver protection in an innovative way. The medicine is released evenly over 6 months’ time, keeping your buddy consistently protected from heartworms.

Firehouse is constantly evaluating new medications and products that might be helpful to our pet patients. Before we bring in the next great product, we do extensive research to make sure that it is not only the safest and best medicine but also convenient and a good value.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office!

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