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100 Little Things

...that Firehouse does each day to set itself apart! 

  1. Smiling faces- we have an amazingly, happy staff.
  2. Free Austin Java Coffee- we encourage partnerships with local companies and want to have tasty coffee for our clients!
  3. Complimentary tours- every client or guest is offered a tour of our facility.
  4. Complimentary Firehouse tags- we engrave complimentary Firehouse tags with name & phone number for all of our patients.
  5. Clean & open exam waiting room- we want a warm and inviting facility that helps decrease stress for the patient and the owner.
  6. Our clinic smells good!- Firehouse works hard to not "smell like a vet clinic." We want this to be an inviting place for everyone. 
  7. Great art- we have partnered with great local pet artists and photographers to feature beautiful artwork on our walls.
  8. Snacks for kids and adults- nothing makes kids happier than grabbing a snack and a drink.
  9. Toys, coloring books, cartoons- kids need something to focus on so the owners can be engaged in the medical discussion. We have all kinds of things to keep kid happy. We will even sit with your children to minimize distraction when talking with the Doctor. 
  10. Complimentary bottle of wine- we want to make sure our new clients understand how much we appreciate this is just a little way to say "thank you" for making the change to Firehouse.   
  11. Follow-ups- we value following up.  We want to stay engaged with our customers until you are content the problem is resolved.  We don't want the owner to have to call us with an update; we will check in on them. 
  12. Open door policy- there is no boundary in our practice; this is a team effort and we want everyone to feel as involved in their pets care as much as they would like to be.
  13. Getting on the floor with big pets- bigger animals don’t love being heaved onto an exam table; we have no problem getting down on their level to make their visit less stressful.
  14. Promoting stress free initiatives- we constantly push the bar on what is calming to our patients and clients. We want every patient and client to have a great experience, making it easier for everyone the next time they visit. 
  15. Doctors take time to sit and chat- we want the care of your animal to be discussed in a casual manner. We know that sitting down and having a conversation makes owners feel more comfortable and makes for better communication and medicine.
  16. Complimentary dental exams- Firehouse believes dentistry is so important to the health of the pet that we will do complimentary dental exams on your pet annually. 
  17. Comfort room- we built a special room to allow for delicate discussions or to provide a place for kids to play.
  18. Digital Radiology- we OWN state of the art technology that allows us to identify some amazing things in the body.
  19. State of the art Surgery suite- we perform surgery in a clean environment free of distractions and full of the best medical devices and technology available.
  20. Saturday morning puppy training classes- we offer puppies a 4 week training seminar with one of Austin’s finest trainers.
  21. Behavioral Training partnerships- we work closely with Austin's go-to "dog whisperers" on all behavioral issues.
  22. Cremation services- we want your pet to be given the best care even when they aren’t with us anymore.  The cremation service that we provide handles each pet with care and very professional, they are one of the most highly recommended facilities around town.
  23. Networks with specialists of all kinds- we have key partners in a variety of specialties and we trust their expertise. 
  24. Rebates, rewards, and other paperwork is our job not yours- we make sure the client gets the best deal.  We do the extra work for you, from calling your insurance to ensuring medication rebates are processed.
  25. Free Wifi and TV while you wait- waiting is a pain and we do our best to minimize it… but when you have to wait, we help make it enjoyable for both you and your children!
  26. Scheduling Pros- we care about the flow of our patients and sticking to our schedule. Emergencies can happen but we typically run on time.
  27. Dental Radiographs- dentistry is such an important part of your pet’s care that we invested in high-end equipment to insure good film, taken onsite, during regular visits.
  28. Well-trained technical staff- we recruit the best talent and continually develop their skills.
  29. Organized & friendly Client Service Coordinators– we know our front staff is integral to building effective relationships with our customers. Therefore, we find and develop the best of the best.
  30. Efficient architectural design for work flow- we spent weeks refining Firehouse’s architectural design at both of our locations so our team can be productive, efficient, and stress free.
  31. Wellness program- we encourage preventative care instead of reactionary care and have developed cost-effective programs to help owners achieve this goal.
  32. Discounted puppy / kitten visits- we want to make sure that every puppy and kitten gets the necessary vaccines. By discounting their booster visits, we allow clients to help save for future spay / neuter visits.
  33. VIP program- customers are the lifeblood of our business and we have programs designed to automatically give back to those clients that play a significant role in the growth of Firehouse.
  34. Drop-offs welcome- we know our clients have busy schedules. We welcome early appointment drop-offs and late pick-ups, caring for your pet in our day boarding area.
  35. Pets kept under our nose all day and not "in the back"- your pet is kept within 20 feet of our doctors and staffers so we can keep a watchful eye on them.
  36. Paperless records- our records are entered into a software system allowing easy record transfers, email, information look-up, etc. We back-up our system daily to keeps records safe.
  37. Vendor partnerships- we have spent countless hours researching and negotiating the best deals with our vendor partners so customers get the best pricing and products on the market.
  38. Complete internal & external lab services- we use comprehensive laboratory company to handle all types of services. When we need something even faster, we have the most modern in-clinic lab equipment available.
  39. Clean and organized kennel space-  our kennels are clean, spacious and temperature controlled so your pet has a comfortable visit. 
  40. Cats are not small dogs- we understand that cats are sensitive creatures. We built a separate boarding room to keep cats and have exam rooms designated especially for cats.
  41. Feliway in spaces designated “cat only”- we want to decrease the stress on our feline companions. Therefore, we keep a calming pheromone, Feliway, in the “cat only” rooms at all times.
  42. Specialist telemedicine- we have a network of specialists available at all times to discuss any and all aspects of our cases. In essence, this adds years of knowledge and expertise to our already seasoned staff.
  43. Excellent client communication- this is one of the most important traits we value in our employees. We cannot provide good care if we cannot communicate effectively.
  44. Doctor collaboration- we ask our doctors to check their egos at the door. We run our practice like a team and we continuously discuss cases openly and honestly to gain valuable insight and perspective from one another.
  45. Create Positive Mindsets- the way we communicate has a huge ripple effect on our team.  We all communicate positively to help everyone stay productive and lower stress levels.
  46. Philanthropy- when a client spends $250 at Firehouse, they are given the option of taking $5 off the bill or donating to a charity.  Over the last three years, our clients have helped us donate over $25,000 to countless Austin-based animal welfare organizations.
  47. “Vet For A Day” program- we are committed to education and encourage students to consider this great profession. Several times a year we will donate a “Vet For A Day” program to a charity auction. These experiences are priceless for kids who spend a day alongside a veterinarian.
  48. Internships- we have mentored two college interns, both of whom have been accepted to vet school.
  49. Microchipping- we register every patient that gets microchip at firehouse and also make sure that the owner gives any alternative contact information so the pet can be found if ever lost.
  50. Continuing education- we stay on the forefront of medicine with continuing education for the entire staff so we can stay on the cutting edge of veterinary medicine.
  51. Patient Discharge paperwork- The care of the pet after the procedure is critical. We send every patient home with discharge paperwork for proper post-surgery care. And of course, we always follow-up to be sure your pet is healing well. 
  52. Personal staff development- while veterinary education is obvious for our staff, Firehouse really values personal development on unrelated topics as well. The healthier, happier and more financially secure we can make our staff, the better team we can create.
  53. Teamwork = Success!- we know teamwork is the only way towards continued growth and success. We have developed a team dedicated to helping wherever may be needed
  54. Boarding & grooming relationships- we have spent hours researching and building relationships with boarding kennels and groomers to help refer clients to Austin’s best professionals.
  55. Partnership with Austin Humane Society- we consistently give $5,000 of service to this organization and have found countless other ways partner with them over the years.
  56. Partnership with Austin Animal Center- we consistently give $5,000 of service to this city-run organization and work directly with their veterinarians both personally and professionally.
  57. Partnership with Austin Pets Alive- we consistently give $5,000 of service to this organization and maintain great relationships with their leadership.
  58. Partnership with PAWs Rescue of Kyle- we consistently give $10,000 of service to this organization and serve as a veterinary advisor to the organization.
  59. TV & Radio Contributors- our doctors are a medical resource for local media and are consistently asked to join TV and radio hosts on-air, enhancing Austin’s knowledge of pet-related subjects.
  60. Eanes ISD Involvement– we actively participate in our local elementary schools, including involvement with Science Day, Bobcat Fest, etc.
  61. AISD Involvement - Dr. Mozisek has taken the time to visit Zilker Elementary to educate kids on caring for their pet.  
  62. Community Support- we encourage education of our youth and routinely have Brownie Troops, Boy Scout Troops, Breed –related rescue groups, etc. in our clinic to teach them about veterinary medicine.
  63. Chief the Big Dog- we have a great big blow up dog that we like to use for any event that we can. He sometimes makes a surprise appearance on the lawn outside our Westlake Practice!
  64. Medical advisors to several like-minded business- DogTelligent, Bed &Biscuit, Happy Mailman, Taurus, Crackerdog, etc. Our doctors have worked with all of these businesses at one time or another to help keep the safety and health of pets in scope.
  65. Brilliant Doctors- Firehouse only hires the brightest minds with a broad spectrum of past experiences and education.
  66. Austin’s laid back attitude- Firehouse embraces the culture of Austin, TX. Life is already a rat-race; we want your experience here to be as stress free as possible.
  67. Customer Service is #1- excellent medical care is extremely important but we recognize we cannot do anything medically if we aren’t taking care of the customer. Helping people get their pets in the car, dropping off medications at a client's house, or going above and beyond in any other way is what this practice is all about.
  68. Comprehensive care- want to provide every avenue of care for your pet. Unlike Human medicine, we focus on the entire patient rather than individual specialties.
  69. Client education- we want clients to leave understanding the problems and the solutions. We are veterinarians, but we all have the heart of a teacher.
  70. Passion- there are not many places where people truly love going to work. Our team has a purpose that is fulfilling and rewarding. We are excited to be here and it shows!
  71. You want to learn?- No problem, we will teach you! Nail trims, oral care, and even at-home glucose curves.  We all have the knowledge and staff available to help you care for your pet.
  72. Great clients- we can only do as much as our clients will allow us to do. Luckily, Firehouse customers embrace the relationship with their pets and value preventative medicine.
  73. Great patients- the reward of making pets feel better and live longer is awesome. Our patients are such a joy to work with each day.
  74. Team training exam room- we value team education so much that we built an exam room specifically to observe and train. It is a valuable resource in creating a consistent team.
  75. Frank communication training- our entire staff gets trained in a thorough communication seminar designed for Veterinary Staff members. This training allows us all to communicate better with each other and our customers.
  76. Online pharmacy- Firehouse is always focused on making things easier and more convenient for our customers. We have added an online pharmacy which allows medications and other miscellaneous pet products to be delivered directly to your door.
  77. Food Return Policy- if your dog or cat doesn’t like their prescribed Purina food, we will gladly accept it back, refund your full payment, and create a new diet plan.
  78. Vaccination protocol to fit your specific pet- we are not in the vaccine selling business; our goal is to protect your pet from relevant diseases. We do not give unnecessary vaccinations.
  79. Safest & most effective medicines available- through continued education, partnerships with industry leaders, and research, we stay current with the safest and medically effective options for your pets.
  80. Guidance on non-traditional therapies, i.e. Acupuncture, Chiropracty, etc.– Firehouse is not narrow minded to the usefulness of nontraditional therapies. We have partners in many areas to offer diverse treatment options.
  81. Observation Window- we don’t want clients fearing the “back” of the hospital. Our observation window lets clients view their pet during procedures.
  82. Thank-you cards- Firehouse really values written notes. Whether sending a sympathy card, thanking a new client for visiting, or giving us a great referral or review, we like taking the time to write a personal note.
  83. No drama- we have a no drama policy; this creates a work place where we can actually get stuff done.
  84. Work/life Balance- this work is extremely rewarding but also demanding of our staff's energy. We want our team to have balance to focus on the important things in their lives while finding meaning in what we do each day.
  85. It’s about the “Why”- we understand that our customers, staff, and partners need to understand why we believe what we believe. When people find correlations in what they believe with each other, those partnerships have endless possibilities.
  86. TVMA Memorial Contributions- we honor each of our patient's lives when they leave by making a contribution to the Texas Veterinary Medical Association Memorial Fund. This fund supports projects for veterinary students and other animal welfare initiatives.
  87. Go Local- we really support other local businesses. We offer local coffee, local reading materials, and local referral coupons among many other businesses we partner with.
  88. Pets are family- we value the role your pets play in your family. We treat them as if they were your children and we recognize the bond our customers have with their pets.
  89. Nutritional Experts- we believe nutrition is one of the most important and least talked about issues affecting your pet’s health. We spend countless hours learning about nutrition and have toured our nutrition sponsor’s research and production facilities. We also routinely discuss with Board Certified Nutritionist about diet recommendations for different disease states.
  90. Exotics- Firehouse doesn’t limit the family pet to just dogs or cats. We also enjoy medicine for birds and pocket pets.
  91. 2 Locations- having two locations allows our clients to get the medications and services their pet’s need, wherever they live in Austin or along the San Antonio Corridor.
  92. 30 minute Appointment Slots- we understand clients have a lot of questions and we want to make sure every client gets enough time to ask them.
  93. Open Saturdays- we offer Saturday appointments to help our clients and their pets out when they have a busy work week.
  94. Emergency Surgery- We will always make sure every pet is taken care of, even if it means we stay after hours to help any emergency. 
  95. Connect with us- we love to post our news on social media.  Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram!
  96. Easy appointment scheduling- we try to take the stress and hassle out of schedule an appointment.  You can easily schedule an appointment on our website or even through Google!
  97. Firehouse Swag- wear our gear! We offer T-shirts and hats for humans, and fancy leashes for their furry friends.
  98. We love connecting with Austin- you will find us in parks, pet-friendly bars and local festivals handing out our logo’d tennis balls, water bowls and leashes….look for us next time you’re out and about!
  99. Mobile Friendly Website- our website is a great resource for both you and your pet. It is now easily accessible on any mobile device!
  100. We love hearing from you!- Good or bad we love hearing ever client’s experience at Firehouse.  We use these reviews to better other client’s experiences and our team. 
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